Director’s Message

 Dear Students & Parents,


The ultimate touchstone of quality education is the quality culture pervading by the Schools. With another year of successful advancement towards the achievement of excellence in education, Queens’ College has added accolades to its credits. Aligning with the requirements of the future world, where the right set of knowledge, skills and attitudes is the key to meet the requirements of the globalised economy and the opportunities across the globe, Queens’ College has nurtured its students not only for the corporate opportunities but also sensitized them to the important issues of global research.

In accordance with our belief that the personality of a individuals are groomed by the environment they lives in, We at Queens’ College have developed a healthy and disciplined environment that ensures quality education through an corporate driven course curriculum, and an overall transformation of individual student to a professional through practical labs, extra-curricular activities and major competitive events.

The jet set transformation, emphasis on learning than teaching, relevance to people and nation development render QC as the right place to gear up with a world class competitive edge. The sacred vibrations of our campus invite you to the unique experience of quality learning in a multi-dimensional and participatory manner where you too shape the process. In the 21st century we must strive to facilitate learning that provides the foundation for children to be caring, peaceful and international minded citizens who will "be part of the change they would like to see" (Mahatma Gandhi). It is with this insight and dream that QC strives to soar to higher grounds..

Our ongoing endeavor to excel and to succeed has penned a saga of success in academic laurels and leadership and State Exchange (AFS ) Programs prepare our students on an equal footing with leading educational institutes. High achievers adorn our stakeholder community of parents, employers, guest faculty and alumni who teach our students and inspire them. QC has been the meeting point of ideas and best academic practices.

It is the melting pot of diverse cultures of India and many others from across the world. Welcome to the passionate learning culture and to a warm academic community.

Symbiotically yours in the cause of education,


Mr. Ramesh Mulchandani