Infrastructure & Facilities

The Campus : Queens’ College , A New Generation CBSE Girls School established in 1995 is a majestic three storey building all painted in white to add to the tranquility and pool of the learning environment , boasts of a 10 acre campus that houses its educational and residential wings. The junior, middle and senior wings are situated on different floors. It has garnered several noted acclaims and appreciations.

The children enjoy a beautifully manicured, meticulously maintained playing-fields and sporting facilities, well-ventilated classrooms and conference halls with well-equipped libraries, hi-tech laboratories, carefully thought out residential accommodation, an exclusive dining experience and spacious subject-based classrooms.

We transfer this reasoning to the reality of educational systems, the empiric evidence is flagrant: ‘Having rooms and learning spaces in good condition is decisive for students to achieve the expected academic results.’



Hostel : The hostel, exclusively for girls is a home away from home, enclosed with peaceful surroundings, spacious, airy and tidy rooms. All the requisites of comfortable yet simple living are available. We provide quality living for a small definite number of students. Each room is aesthetically designed with parquet flooring, large windows, cheerful upholstery and individual cupboards. An attached washroom, with shower and toilet facilities, is shared exclusively by children of that particular room.



Transport : To provide stress free commuting, the school has its own fleet of 40 buses plying on all major routes of the city including the cantonment town of Mhow.



Library : Queens Library is a treasure house of books , leading journals, encyclopedias, reports, thesis, abstracts, national & international magazines, reference books , motivational books, guides, text books and rare volumes, not found in most of the libraries in the city.

The school has 2 libraries one for the primary block and other for the senior block. The well-stocked libraries are inviting quiet zones for reading, reflection , resource work and evaluate their own experiments.

We also have adequate internet facility (both LAN & WiFi ) through which they can get the e-library facility also. The students have been provided with library cards to access library facilities.



Senior and Junior Auditorium : An architect’s delight, the auditorium equipped with the latest technology is the school’s pride. Its multipurpose usage for Assembly Functions, Parent Orientations, Guest Faculties Lectures, Reflection Programs, Story Narration, Lesson Enrichment and as a Lecture Room makes good utility of space for learning.



Games & Sports : A healthy body lives in a healthy mind. There are numerous facilities available for games and sports. The younger children enjoy at the sand pits , swings , sea – saw , colourful slides, and tracks for hurdle races .The grown-ups have facilities for outdoor games like football, volleyball, basketball , handball, cricket and kho-kho. There is a 400 meter track and provision for athletic activities. A multi-purpose indoor stadium to play badminton and table-tennis as well as to practice yoga is also available. A swimming pool equipped with proper facilities, sitting in the lap of a green botanical garden, is the pride of the school.

Activities like Judo Karate and NCC are also offered to make our students strong . All students of middle school will be learning Judo karate as a measure of self- defence from the current session.

Expert professionals train students in their chosen sport. Talented students are further given an opportunity to nurture their talent during the special sports training sessions every morning. The school conducts a summer sports camp to further provide students with additional time and specialized attention in sports.



Laboratory : The school houses fully equipped modern laboratories for subject like..
physics, chemistry, maths, biology, biotechnology, computer science, geography, botanical garden, science park, and language lab which invoke scientific and linguistic temperament in the students. The academic curriculum is strongly supported by these modern laboratories of all subjects.



Swimming Pool : Nationally trained coaches, coach the queens aiming for physical & mental growth.
“Team spirit and the desire to give the best performance possible are our watchwords.”



Smart Classroom : Educomp smartclass brings about a complete transformation in the classrooms. One section of every class is equipped with Educomp Smart Class with projector , white board and audio-visual facilities to assist presentations & interactive sessions.
It improves teacher effectiveness and prod

  • – It improves teacher effectiveness and productivity in class.

  • – It brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms.

  • – Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.

  • – Improves academic performance of students.

  • – Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class.

  • – It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class.



Performing Arts : “By two wings a child is lifted up from being average to genius in Aesthetic Sense and Creativity .”

Various co-curricular activities like clay modeling, soft toy making, drawing , painting, origami, flower arrangement, card making, collage work, glass painting are a few of the art form which helps train young queens grow in their creative venture.