School Philosophy

Queens’ College is a CBSE affiliated New Generations School, exclusively committed to the growth and development of girls. A school where Learning is enjoyable, Skills are honed & Character is built in a vibrant atmosphere. Our vision is to help them evolve themselves into citizens of the world and good human beings. Since we believe in ‘education for life’, the school’s program and policies create an environment which throbs with a multitude of opportunities. Hence, Education at Queens’ becomes a journey of exploration for the students. We empower our girls with real education. The aim of Queens’ is :



We are committed to excellence and seek to educate the students to become responsible, productive & ethical citizens of the nation with skills to think creatively, reason critically and communicate effectively
To facilitate and conduct courses in all intellectual fields in the light of the new emerging technologies
To give a thorough general education from the age of 3 onwards , using the latest methods including the Montessori and the kindergarten.
Helping them to develop a positive attitude towards the demands of this competitive age yet upholding their basic moral values.
To provide healthy and pleasant surroundings and a large number of curricular activities which would be conductive to mental , moral , spiritual and physical growth of the child.
To pay individual attention to every child , study her aptitudes and potential and give her a proper guidance so as to make the maximum use of her endowments and opportunities.