ISA Activities

Visit to dance studio

November 16, 2018


Class XI Students went to Tarun Boroke Dance Studio on 16th Nov, 2018.Students were given information regarding various dance styles and forms. They were made to perform easy dance steps.

Visit / Talkshow by eminent dance artist Mr. Ashish Pillai : 

November 20, 2018


Mr. Ashish Pillai is a renowned classical dancer of the city. He spoke to the students on 20th Nov, 2018. His talk mainly focused on the origin of dance, different national and international dance forms and folk dance.

Makup artist Mr. Rahul and his assistant were also invited . They showed the basic methods of makeup which is done for various dance forms . They did makeup of the students for dance.

Charts and PPT Presentations

November 30, 2018


Preparation of charts/PPT students of class XI showed great enthusiasm and interest in preparing informative charts on the folk dances of five countries namely – Canda , France, Hungary , India and Denmark. They also prepared power point presentations on the folk dances , music , culture , costume etc of these countries . This learning experience was an eye opner for the students into the rich culture of these countries.


Folklore presentation in assembly

November 30, 2018


On 30th Nov students presented famous folk lores of five countries emphasizing on their culture and tradition.