Junior Wing


Activities on Swachhata Pakhwada 

September 1,2017  to  September 15,2017


To inculcate the habit of cleanliness , students were encouraged to clean their surroundings along with their mentors; which they did with enthusiasm and zeal.



Intra Class Little Chef Competition 

September 9,2017


Students' culinary skills were displayed in the Little Chef Competition. They brought chef cap and variety of fireless cooking dishes prepared by them at home under the guidance of their mothers. In the classrooms they wore chef's cap and spoke with elan about  the magic that their little fingers had created. Thereafter they enjoyed their creative and innovative mouthwatering dishes with each other.



Grow Like a Tree , Give Like a Tree  

September 2,2017


'Learning by Doing' enhances the understanding of the concept. A culminating activity for the chapter 'Plants' was organized wherein the children shared their knowledge about the things we get from plants. "Grow Like a Tree and Give Like a Tree". This  value was imbibed among the children through this activity.


"Glimpse Program"  Presented by Students of Class I & II on PTM

August 26,2017


To acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable work done by students of Class I & II , parents Teachers Meet was organized on August 26,2017.

On this day students showcased their presentations using latest technology  (Educomp )  with zeal and enthusiasm. Parents were mesmerized with the way teachers  are teaching in the classes and prepared them for presentations.




Junior Eiensteen Show of Pre Primary Classes

August 26,2017


To admire the outstanding task done by our pre primers, Queens' celebrated their learning as "Junior Einstein" on August 26, 2017. The main aim of Junior Einstein 2017-18 was to make a child showcase its learning and take the accountability of its own experiences and learning. The students and teachers prepared together for the same. During this event students informed their parents about how they're doing through some hands on activities.




August 19, 2017


Stories are not just a pasttime. They develop the emotional quotient of children as well as inculcate values and enrich language.


Keeping these advantages in mind , we had conducted  "STORY TELLING COMPETITION '  on August 19,2017 for Class I & II.  All the participants were well prepared with very interesting and inspiring stories for the competition. They used various techniques of telling a story and  showcased their creativity. Innovative props were used to make the story seem more realistic, impactful and effective.





August 12, 2017


To create awareness about different cultures and to develop the spirit of patriotism, Jamashtami and Independence Day were celebrated on August 12, 2017. Tiny Tots (Students of Class Nursery – Sr.KG)  were beautifully dressed in Radha and Lord Krishna's attire for Janamshtami Celebration and little queens ( Class I – II )  came in tricolor dresses  to celebrate Independence Day  and participated in the event with  great zeal and enthusiasm.