Queens’ Celebrations

Graduation Ceremony-2019 

January 5, 2019


Queens’ College, Indore organized its second graduation ceremony on 5th January 2019 to formally certify the l outgoing batch of 2018-2019 in presence of the chief guest, Mr. Mukesh Mathur, the Editor of Dainik Bhaskar and the Guest of Honour Mr. A.S. Ansari, Vice Principal, Daly College, Indore.

The program commenced with the band procession lead by the dignitaries followed by teaching staff of the graduating batch and the outgoing students of the batch.


The school choir synchronized their ceremonial notes to blend a perfect setting with the lighting of the lamp to commence the occasion. The faculty members introduced the students to the guests and parents with the citations and students lightened the traditional diyas to pledge their loyalty towards their Alma Mater and keep the flame of the institution brighten a glorious future ahead. The students took blessings of the parents and teachers to extend their gratitude. The chanting of the shlokas from the Upanishads filled the atmosphere with divinity.

Head Girl, Roshni Rajani shared her experiences during her journey being a student in the school. Through her words she motivated the upcoming batch to hold the baton and keep the race on.


Mrs. Smita Rathore, Principal inspired the outgoing batch with guidance to remain passionate about their dreams.

Mr. A.S. Ansari was awarded The Life Time Achievement Award for his dedication in the field of education during this ceremony. He complimented the students for their success at school and motivated them to aspire higher goals in life.

The Ceremony concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Antara Babel of the successive batch 2019.


Utkarsh – 2018 ( Senior Block  VI-XII )  

November 24, 2018


Queens’ College added another milestone of success in its history of achievements by celebrating its 24th Annual Function “UTKARSH 2018” on 25th November,2018. The senior block queens(Classes VI-XII) entranced everyone by presenting a series of incredible acts and performances. The function was presided by Dr. Kailash Srivastava , Vice Chancellor of Symbiosis University. Mrs. & Mr. Surana also graced the occasion as the Guests of Honour. Furthermore some students of the institute were awarded for excelling in various fields and competitions. The special gold pendants were awarded to the toppers , Divyangana Kale of Class X and Shreyanshi Bajpai of Class XII who aced the CBSE examinations of 2018.


Welcome Song:

The cultural program began with a warm and sincere welcome to all the guests and parents and a promise of an unforgettable evening ahead. The group song was performed beautifully in front of an audience which was in for a marvelous experience.


Classical Song:

The nightingales of Queens’ College presented Raag Hameer, which is a light raag from the Kalyana family with the characteristics of Raag Kedar .The highlights of Raag Hameer are vigor and energy. It is also occasionally known as Hameer Kalyan.



 Different  instruments when combine together, they create a symphony to transport us to a different world. A painter paints pictures on canvas but musicians paint pictures on hearts. Music has charms to soothe  a savage beast, to soften rocks or bend knotted oaks. The same magic of music was seen on the Annual Day when the students tuned the chords of everyone’s hearts with their melodious  orchestra performance.



A prayer to Lord Mahadeva , who  conquered death, who was destroyer of all evils and who gives happiness to all. Shiv is the part of the holy trinity, the core of Hindu mythology consisting of  the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer of the world- Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The dance Shivom portrays the magnificence of  Lord Shiva. It begins with traditional classical Kathak todas and then steadily moves to a glorious fusion of Bharatnatyam and Odisi dance forms. The young queens enthralled the audience with their graceful mudras and foot movements.


Hindi Drama 

A satire in the form of Hindi Drama “Yamlok me Daavat  “  depicted the harmful effects of junk food and reasons why one should avoid consuming it. A comedic  plot performed with perfect timing and authentic costumes, this drama came out as an audience favourite.


Folk Dance : Raasleela

Holi played in Vrindavan is an exclusive example of the bond of love and friendship between the divine and devotee. It comprises of beautiful holistic hymns, scented flowers and colored water.

Raasleela, the joyful dance of Lord Krishna and Gopis has been immortalized in the pages of history.The queens set the stage on fire with their ethnic performance comprising  popular themes of Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Manipuri &Kuchipuri.


Hip Hop dance

Hip hop became popular with dance troupes in the United States. It is a very energetic form of dancing.


English Drama

People today update their story on instagram and share their current location on facebook. Our society is precariously placed in a digital storm which is like Tsunami today and it is turning to grisly mobilization, which is why we are becoming increasingly isolated. Let us watch the English Drama ‘The Ill – effects of Social Media”.


Classical Dance

Kathak is one of the main genres of Ancient Indian Classical dance and is traditionally regarded to have originated from the Kathakars or story tellers who communicated stories through rhythmic foot movements, hand gesture, facial expressions and eye work that incorporates legends from ancient mythology and great Indian epics, especially from the life of Lord Krishna became quite polular in the courts of North Indian Kingdoms.

Bharatnatyam, one of the most popular classical dances in the world originated in Tamil Nadu. Exclusively performed by women this dance form expresses South Indian religious themes and spiritual ideas particularly of Shaivism, Vaishnavism and Shaktism.

Odissi is one of the pre-eminent classical dance form of India which originated in the Hindu temples of the eastern coastal state of Orissa.Odissi in its history was performed predominantly by women and expressed religious stories and spiritual ideas, particularly of Vaishnavism (Vishnu as Jaganath).


Contemporary Dance

Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of all arts, because it is no mere translation or abstraction of life, it is life itself. Dance is an art which helps you to paint your dream and follow it. Dancing is poetry of feet;Dance is the rhythm of your own drum. Great dancers are not great because of their technique they are great because of their passion.When we dance we forget everything else and just feel completely happy.


Folk dance Teratali (Manjeera + Teratali Dance )

Rajasthan is a cradle of tradition, heritage and hospitality and is an oasis of excellence. Rajasthani folk dances are popular all around the globe for its rich tradition and culture.

Thirteen beats or terahtali, is an elaborate ritualistic folk dance form performed by skilled artists, with thirteen manjiras or brass discs, in front of Baba Ramdev, a local deity of Rajasthan. This dance is performed by the dancers who tie brass discs on their waists, legs, arms, ankles, elbows and foreheads at least thirteen places on their bodies, which they strike with the one that they hold. The dancers move on this rhythm.  

KachchiGhodi is one of the most popular folk genres that depict the stories of the local bandits of the region through dance and music. Traditionally, only men dressed in dhoti kurta and turban, and riding on an elaborately decorated dummy horse – perform this dance, which is meant symbolic for chivalry and bravery. The rhythm of the dance is defined by the flute music and the drums, and the dancers usually mock fight using sword to complement the rhythm.


Grand Finale

The most astonishing mome2nt of Utkarsh 2018-19 is the last performance of the gala evening – Grand Finale. The performance is filled with energy, passion & enthusiasm which will surely chill down your spine. The dance will captivate everyone with a blend of cosmic tunes & divine music. It will surely be proved as icing on the top of the cake. There moves are going to blaze the trail.

The Grand finale on the conclusion of the programs was made on a victor scale and chorus appeal from both the students and parents made the entire celebration a grand success.


Utkarsh – 2018 ( Primary Block )  


Over 550 talented Queens took to the stage to perform in spectacular show of music, dance and drama for the parents on 24th December 2018.The items were multicoloured and kept the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the programme. The items were as follow:



The sound of the orchestra is one of the most magnificent musical sounds that has ever existed. The school orchestra was beautifully constructed and the young musicians delivered it with great aplomb and added colour to the event.


Kathak + Ranglo (classical and folk dance):


Kathak is a dance form based on fast footwork and even swift spin. A folk dance is developed by people that reflect the life of the people of a certain region. The folk dance is extremely simple with minimum of steps but full of energy and vitality. A fusion of  Kathak and Ranglo by the Queens was a mesmerizing performance. They enthralled the audience with their graceful foot movements and animation.


Little Red Riding Hood (Musical story):


Little Red Riding Hood” is a European fairy tale about a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf. The petite Queens through their musical performance of the story conveyed the message children should never talk to strangers for it they should do so, they may well provide dinner for a wolf.


Happy Feet (Western Dance):


Dance, along with music has always dynamically expressed the spirit and personality of every culture. The viewers enjoyed the portrayal of a fusion of hip hop and whacky dance movements elegantly presented by the alluring Queens.


Traffic Rules (Safety on Road – Hindi musical)


‘Traffic Rules’ in the form of nukkad natak left everyone pondering. The vigilant Queens humorously exhibited how people love to ride without helmets, use phones while driving/riding, take U turns everywhere and break signals. They powerfully showed the consequences of not obeying the traffic rules. They evoked the audience to follow them religiously and love life.


The softest Bed in the World (English Dance Drama):


Queen Minakshi is married to a kind hearted king of Pratapgard. She doesn’t get sound sleep and is always grumpy. The king tries to make her happy but in vain. She leaves the palace and meets Raghu, a child beggar, Suddha a young domestic help and many child laborers. She is moved by the reality of life and transforms into a new leaf. This English skit spread the message that money can buy a soft bed and materialistic things but not happiness.


Frozen and Aerobics:


Today kids need help and encouragement to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. Aerobics and Skating provide great way to exercise to stay fit, healthy and happy. The blend of aerobics and skating performance by the Queens bewitched everyone.


Say No to Plastic:

It was a marvellous musical dance drama by the environmental friendly Queens. They sang the song ‘Tick Tick’ and danced lively on it. Through the song they motivated all to avoid the use of plastic and beat plastic pollution. They ringingly gave the slogan ‘Say No to Plastic.’

Patriotic Live Song: If you’re full of patriotism, you’re full of love for your country. Patriotic songs are very influential and can be used to motivate the youth of a country to stay united and do something for the country. The melodious Queens stirred the heart of everybody with patriotism and pride.


Seasons Presentation:


As the seasons of weather change, so do our lives. Like summer our life can look dry, like fall we can enter new beginnings, as winter we can be cold and barren and as spring, we can be blooming. The alluring Queens depicted the importance of all the seasons through soothing musical limericks.


APJ Abdul Kalam (Hindi Skit):


APJ Abdul Kalam touched billions of  lives. He was born on October 15, 1931 in a family of a boat owner in Tamil Nadu’s Rameshwaram. He survived all hardship to grow big in life. Traversing through his career journey at the DRDO, ISRO, Chief Scientific Advisor to the PM in 1992, the Pokhran nuclear test, he was ultimately elected as India’s 11th President in 2002. The Hindi skit ‘Ek Tha Bachpan’ based on the life journey of Late Shri APJ Abdul Kalam was laudable and left everyone misty eyed. The skit touched the hearts and received a standing ovation.


Feel India Colours of India:


Semi classical dance breaks the stylized structures and forms of the classical dance and adopts a more contemporary feel and steps. Feel India colours of India a beautiful semi classical dance was enjoyed and performed by the graceful Queens.


Utkarsh saw its culmination in the most beautiful manner. Everyone present there was spellbound as they witnessed the epic grand finale. The front field wore the blanket of galaxy of stars as the onlookers lit the flash lights of their mobiles. The Queens sang the song flashlight and the surrounding illuminated with excitement and happiness.


Utkarsh – 2018 ( Pre-Primary Block )  

November 24, 2018


All the clainty Queens of Pre-Primary partook in striking spectacle of music, dance and drama for the spectators on 25th December, 2018.

Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie were the centre of attraction as they taught parents dancing steps to stay fit, healthy and happy. They entertained the audience between the programmes and ensured that there were no dull moments at all.


Welcome Dance

Dance has always been a part of many ceremonies and traditional rituals. An energetic dance was performed by the majestic Queens to welcome the audience. The dance began with a group of dancers who delightfully created a happy environment.

Maurya Dance

Maurya dance performance by the refined Queens was a visual tribute to Lord Ganesha. The flawless aramandi and perfect mudras were a treat to watch.

Technology World  (Presentation)

A tug of war between primitive methods and modern technology was delicately presented by the sanguine Queens. They brilliantly transmitted the negative and positive effects of technology and charmed everyone.

Christmas Bash (Dance)

The youngest members of the Queens family all dolled up in red fancy frocks celebrated Christmas bash. They swayed and entertained all through their dance and even channeled the message that Christmas is the time to love, be happy and spread fragrance.

The Little Match Girl

“The Little Match Girl” is a story y Hans Christian Anderson. This story was redesigned and presented by the skilled Queens. The Little Match Girl is poverty stricken. She sells matches and earns daily bread for her ailing mother and jobless father. She is full of gratitude for the things she has. This skit emphasized to have an attitude of gratitude.

Say No to Plastic (Hindi musical drama)

Experts all over the world have estimated that in next 20 years demand for plastics will double and more the generation of plastic more the damage to our landfills and water bodies. The petite Queens through the song ‘Tick Tick’ and enactment urged everyone to reduce plastic usage and use jute bags instead of plastic bags.


Musical Limericks

Music is a universal language. A good song can have a whole room dancing, cringe or even deemed utterly speechless. The sweet toned Queens sang medley of three English songs ‘Do re mi’, ‘Ribbons of blue’ and ‘Brown girl in the ring’ and even pranced on them. The songs were ear tickling.

Disney Princesses (Dance)

The gorgeous Queens put on vibrant gowns and grooved like true princess. They carried out a number of bouncy mones and steps and impressed everyone with their graceful expressions.


Antardhwani  at Queens' Residential Campus 

August- 22,2018


A splendid and stupendous performance by the inmates of Queens’ Residential Campus on the  occasion of their Annual Presentation “Antardhwani” kept the audience spell bound. There was cultural program of different dances, songs and skits. The parents also participated wholeheartedly. The Head Girl of Queens’ residential campus presented the Annual Report.



Celebration of Glorious Independence Day

August- 15,2018


“Na sar jhuka hai kabhi Aur na jhukayenge kabhi,
Jo apne dump pe jiye sach me zindagi hai wahi”

Queens celebrated 72nd Independence Day with quintessence. The Tri colour Flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest. Children pledged their loyalty to the nation. A colorful program of dances & songs was presented. Students from America who have come through an exchange programme (AFS) gave their performance. The program was seamless. Vote of Thanks was proposed by the Head Girl of the School.



Plant Tree, Save Earth ( As a Part of ISA Spearheaded by British Council )


The Queens went all out showing enthusiasm for plantation drive in the school. They vowed to protect and  conserve mother Earth and plant tree even outside the school premises. Even the AFS students from America took part in the eve.


Foundation Day & Investiture Ceremony – 2018

July  10, 2018


On 10 July, Tuesday Queens’ College observed its XXIV Foundation Day as well as Investiture Ceremony. The program was solemnized by lighting of lamp by the Chief Guest Addl. DGP Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma (IPS) and the Guest of Honor Padmashri Dr. (Mrs.) Janak Palta Mcgilligan.

The House Captains and the Prefectorial Body took oath & pledged to shoulder the assigned onus with devotion and commitment Foundation Day & Investiture Ceremony 2018. Various dances were performed to mark the celebration.



Parents Partnership Programmes 

June 24, 2018


“Reinforcement generates positive response”


Queens’ College felicitated the meritorious students of Class XII & X (CBSE) on June 24, 2018. The programme commenced with lighting the lamp & shloka chanting. Overall 83 students of class XII and 62 students of class X were felicitated. City Topper Shreyanshi Bajpai of class XII with 97.8% was honoured. The toppers in all the streams who have brought laurels to school were also honoured. Some of the students shared their experience on the path of success. Mesmerizing Bharatnatyama and Mayur Bhanj dance were presented by the students.



  City Topper-97.8%      96.2%    96.2%    95.4%    89% …..

  Shreyanshi Bajpai     Iram Khan   Khushi Barnawal    Nancy D.Sahu    Pranjal Kharat  
  Humanities   Commerce     Commerce    Science (PCM)   Science (PCB)  






Graduation Ceremony

January-30, 2018


"Graduation is not the end but an oath for the  continual of the legacy ".


Queens' College organized Graduation Ceremony of Class XII on January-30,2018 whereby the torchlight of the values, growth and culture nurtured in the students was spread on the students' faces. Their class teachers read out their strengths, achievements and growth during their queens' journey. Blessings and message to carry this learning in the form of shlokas were enchanted. The mortarboards of the queens' reflected their scholarly confidence. 


Snehanjali -A Farewell of XII Class
February 4,2017


Queens’ College hosted farewell function ‘Snehanjali’ on February 4,2017 in the school campus for the outgoing students of class XII. The program commenced with the lighting of the lamp. The students looked gorgeous in beautiful saris and white scarf. The ‘Diya ceremony’ mesmerized everyone. A colorful dance extravaganza was presented by the students of class XI.School’s Academic Director inspired the students to follow the righteous path and lead a purposeful life ahead. The Principal Mrs. Renu Gurnani addressed the gathering and wished the students a bright future. Her heart rendering  words were a guiding source for both the students and the parents. She stressed on the importance of value education and life skills to deal with   success and failure and in sculpting one’s destiny.


The highlight of the function was the “Crowning” ceremony. Students with outstanding performance in various fields were awarded .Class XII completed their emotional account with a wistful longing to relive these glorious moments as well as with the blessing and guidance for their future venture. The title of Ms. Dynamic was bagged by Paridhi Gaur. The beautiful day ended with both happiness and sorrow. The feet touching ceremony was very touching. The Management and the Teachers blessed the students and wished them good luck.




Queens Celebrates XXII Annual Sports Day
January 12,13 , 2018


Annual sports Day ‘Lakshya” was celebrated on January 12 and 13, 2018 amidst great mirth, verve and camaraderie. The Principal declared the meet open by flying balloons and lighting the lamp to mark the expression of joy and rejoicement. The entire fields resonated with a loud cheer and applause as the Queens presented a peppy dance , sang boogie –woogie and an impressive March Past.

The young athletes of Nursery to Class II participated in juggling the glass race, hurdle race , drip-drip drop race , sack case race , balloon pop race , pick and drop race and flag race.

The event  culminated in the presence of  Management Committee , Respected Principal , Vice Principal and Co-ordinators. They congratulated the winners with medals and certificates.






Queens Celebrates XXII Annual Function
November 11, 2017


Queens’ College celebrated its XXII Annual Function ‘Utkarsh’ with grandeur and elegance.  Before the commencement of the program, Goddess Saraswati was evoked and her blessings were sought.  The Chief Guest of the day was Dr. Shailendra Gupta, eminent Educationist from Ahmedabad.


The meritorious students in different categories of 2016-17 were awarded.  The Principal of the institution Mrs. Renu Gurnani gave a welcome speech.  Yasheesh Mulchandani presented the report of the college followed by digital Annual Report by the head girl Somya Satwani. The tittle of the dance drams was ‘Anubhuti’.  It revolved round the seven stages of a girl.  The play projects the plight of a girl in the past and present.  Today a girl is no longer confined to the four walls.  After acquiring education, she has now become a working partner with the male counterpart and is at par with him.  Though in this odyssey of her seven stages, many spanners are thrown in her way but being dauntless, intrepid, bold and beautiful she walks through these stages gracefully.  She acts as a mandarin and promotes the wellbeing of her family, society and place of work.  Now the girls have created niche for themselves and are marching ahead in all fields of life.


There were many colourful dances.  Both the Chief Guest and the audience appreciated the bold & beautiful theme of the play.  The anchors of the programme were Muskan Munshi, Saloni Khandelwal, Somya Porwal, Ashmeet Kaur, Simran Chawla, Rebacca John, Kompal Porkar and Nafisa Ammar.  Members of the Management, Principal, Mrs. Renu Gurnani, The Vice Principal, Mrs. Monica Kapoor, all the Staff members attended the function.


The Vote of thanks was proposed by the Principal Mrs. Renu Gurnani.


Independance Day Celebration

August 15,2017



Foundation Day & Investiture Ceremony
August 10,2017




Parents Partenership Programme
June 25,2017





Night Stay of Classes VI – XII
October 21 & 22, 2016


Queens College organised a Night Stay programme for the students of classes IX to XII on October 22,2016 and for VI-VIII on October 21,2016 in different groups. The motto of this mega event was to develop in our Queens a sense of adventure, enjoying learning through entertainment and adding value to life. The idea was to provide the students with the best of every minute, that a child could learn in the school campus. A platform was given to the students to show their hidden talents, flourish their ideas and thoughts, develop self confidence, self esteem, learn to work in team and honesty moving ahead to reach the highest crest of success in all the games. A plethora of activities were organized like food & games stalls of different states, karaoke, scary house visit , skit presentation, puzzle round, mystery solving round and adventurous fun based activities. All these activities taught to students to work in group co-ordinate with each other, manage things on their own and help each other to complete the mission together with all the team members.


The mentors of queens always believe in meaningful learning. The strong innovative  ideas of our young  and vibrant faculty members made the programme interesting and enjoyable for all. It was good  to observe the creative scope of the students. A D.J. Party was a part of the programme with fireworks and  sumptuous dinner & deserts. The "Night Out" was organised under the able guidance of Mrs. Renu Gurnani.





SPIC MACAY Programme
June 30, 2016


A scintillating dance performance was organized in the Queens' campus to aware the students about the different dance forms of Indian Classical Dance under the 'Spic Macay – Heritage Series 2016.' The performer of the day was Saji Menon, a renowned Mohiniattam, dancer. She briefed the students about the origin of the dance form and its 24 hands gestures. She emphasized on the importance of the costume of Mohiniattam and the movement of all body parts in the dance form.


Her performance was assisted by the vocalist Mr. Sibaprasad, Mr. Balasubramaniyan R. Sarma, the violinist and Mr. Nabishan at Mridangam and Adeykya. The event marked the gracious presence of Management Members, Honourable Principal Mrs. Renu Gurnani. Students asked a number of questions and showed lot of interest in this art form. All the queries of the students were answered and it was really a mesmerizing performance. Around 2000 students of Queens' College enjoyed this exemplary performance of Mohiniattam.





Self Esteam Week Celebration of Little Queens
July 04,2016





Parents Partenership Programme
June 28,2016


Great designs are not accomplished without enthusiasm of some sort. It is the inspiration of everything great. Every great and commanding movement in the annals of the world is the triumph of enthusiasm.


Queens’ College honoured the toppers of the institution in class X & XII for their outstanding achievement. The programme commenced with a prayer invoking Goddess Saraswati’s Blessings. These students who had created a niche for themselves in Board Examinations (X & XII) were accorded a warm welcome along with their parents. It is only with the help of parent-partnership that the students once again proved to be the worthy custodians of ‘High Achievements’. They have maintained the ‘hallmark’ of the institution. An iridescent atmosphere prevailed in the campus a short and sweet cultural program.


The Chief Guest of the day was Mr. P.S. Dixit. His pearls of wisdom were inspiring. Mrs. RenuGurnani, Principal of the institution highlighted the parents with the achievement of the students. Head Girl, Soumya Satwani proposed the Vote of Thanks.