Queens’ Celebrations

 Independance Day Celebration

August 15,2017




Foundation Day & Investiture Ceremony
August 10,2017




Parents Partenership Programme
June 25,2017



Snehanjali -A Farewell of XII Class
February 4,2017


Queens’ College hosted farewell function ‘Snehanjali’ on February 4,2017 in the school campus for the outgoing students of class XII. The program commenced with the lighting of the lamp. The students looked gorgeous in beautiful saris and white scarf. The ‘Diya ceremony’ mesmerized everyone. A colorful dance extravaganza was presented by the students of class XI.School’s Academic Director inspired the students to follow the righteous path and lead a purposeful life ahead. The Principal Mrs. Renu Gurnani addressed the gathering and wished the students a bright future. Her heart rendering  words were a guiding source for both the students and the parents. She stressed on the importance of value education and life skills to deal with   success and failure and in sculpting one’s destiny.


The highlight of the function was the “Crowning” ceremony. Students with outstanding performance in various fields were awarded .Class XII completed their emotional account with a wistful longing to relive these glorious moments as well as with the blessing and guidance for their future venture. The title of Ms. Dynamic was bagged by Paridhi Gaur. The beautiful day ended with both happiness and sorrow. The feet touching ceremony was very touching. The Management and the Teachers blessed the students and wished them good luck.





Queens Celebrates XXII Annual Function
November 11, 2016


Queens’ College celebrated its XXII Annual Function ‘Utkarsh’ with grandeur and elegance.  Before the commencement of the program, Goddess Saraswati was evoked and her blessings were sought.  The Chief Guest of the day was Dr. Shailendra Gupta, eminent Educationist from Ahmedabad.


The meritorious students in different categories of 2016-17 were awarded.  The Principal of the institution Mrs. Renu Gurnani gave a welcome speech.  Yasheesh Mulchandani presented the report of the college followed by digital Annual Report by the head girl Somya Satwani. The tittle of the dance drams was ‘Anubhuti’.  It revolved round the seven stages of a girl.  The play projects the plight of a girl in the past and present.  Today a girl is no longer confined to the four walls.  After acquiring education, she has now become a working partner with the male counterpart and is at par with him.  Though in this odyssey of her seven stages, many spanners are thrown in her way but being dauntless, intrepid, bold and beautiful she walks through these stages gracefully.  She acts as a mandarin and promotes the wellbeing of her family, society and place of work.  Now the girls have created niche for themselves and are marching ahead in all fields of life.


There were many colourful dances.  Both the Chief Guest and the audience appreciated the bold & beautiful theme of the play.  The anchors of the programme were Muskan Munshi, Saloni Khandelwal, Somya Porwal, Ashmeet Kaur, Simran Chawla, Rebacca John, Kompal Porkar and Nafisa Ammar.  Members of the Management, Principal, Mrs. Renu Gurnani, The Vice Principal, Mrs. Monica Kapoor, all the Staff members attended the function.


The Vote of thanks was proposed by the Principal Mrs. Renu Gurnani.




Night Stay of Classes VI – XII
October 21 & 22, 2016


Queens College organised a Night Stay programme for the students of classes IX to XII on October 22,2016 and for VI-VIII on October 21,2016 in different groups. The motto of this mega event was to develop in our Queens a sense of adventure, enjoying learning through entertainment and adding value to life. The idea was to provide the students with the best of every minute, that a child could learn in the school campus. A platform was given to the students to show their hidden talents, flourish their ideas and thoughts, develop self confidence, self esteem, learn to work in team and honesty moving ahead to reach the highest crest of success in all the games. A plethora of activities were organized like food & games stalls of different states, karaoke, scary house visit , skit presentation, puzzle round, mystery solving round and adventurous fun based activities. All these activities taught to students to work in group co-ordinate with each other, manage things on their own and help each other to complete the mission together with all the team members.


The mentors of queens always believe in meaningful learning. The strong innovative  ideas of our young  and vibrant faculty members made the programme interesting and enjoyable for all. It was good  to observe the creative scope of the students. A D.J. Party was a part of the programme with fireworks and  sumptuous dinner & deserts. The "Night Out" was organised under the able guidance of Mrs. Renu Gurnani.





SPIC MACAY Programme
June 30, 2016


A scintillating dance performance was organized in the Queens' campus to aware the students about the different dance forms of Indian Classical Dance under the 'Spic Macay – Heritage Series 2016.' The performer of the day was Saji Menon, a renowned Mohiniattam, dancer. She briefed the students about the origin of the dance form and its 24 hands gestures. She emphasized on the importance of the costume of Mohiniattam and the movement of all body parts in the dance form.


Her performance was assisted by the vocalist Mr. Sibaprasad, Mr. Balasubramaniyan R. Sarma, the violinist and Mr. Nabishan at Mridangam and Adeykya. The event marked the gracious presence of Management Members, Honourable Principal Mrs. Renu Gurnani. Students asked a number of questions and showed lot of interest in this art form. All the queries of the students were answered and it was really a mesmerizing performance. Around 2000 students of Queens' College enjoyed this exemplary performance of Mohiniattam.





Self Esteam Week Celebration of Little Queens
July 04,2016





Parents Partenership Programme
June 28,2016


Great designs are not accomplished without enthusiasm of some sort. It is the inspiration of everything great. Every great and commanding movement in the annals of the world is the triumph of enthusiasm.


Queens’ College honoured the toppers of the institution in class X & XII for their outstanding achievement. The programme commenced with a prayer invoking Goddess Saraswati’s Blessings. These students who had created a niche for themselves in Board Examinations (X & XII) were accorded a warm welcome along with their parents. It is only with the help of parent-partnership that the students once again proved to be the worthy custodians of ‘High Achievements’. They have maintained the ‘hallmark’ of the institution. An iridescent atmosphere prevailed in the campus a short and sweet cultural program.


The Chief Guest of the day was Mr. P.S. Dixit. His pearls of wisdom were inspiring. Mrs. RenuGurnani, Principal of the institution highlighted the parents with the achievement of the students. Head Girl, Soumya Satwani proposed the Vote of Thanks.