Senior Wing’s Events

Visit to IIM, Indore

Students of class XII visited IIM Indore to get acquainted with various courses and career avenues for them in future.


Visit to Manufacturing Plant

October 29, 2018

Class XII Entrepreneurship students visited a chocolate manufacturing plant with an objective of having an insight into the manufacturing, operations, marketing and other process of the business unit. This practical learning supplemented the various theories acquired in the classroom.


Simple Living High Thinking 

October 12,2018


The inculcation of this dictum in the saga of Mohan Das becoming Mahatma Gandhi was depicted to the students of class VIII D & VIII E. They were taken on a field trip to Kasturba Gram whereby in ‘Baa ka Ghar’, they learnt about spinning wheel. In Gaushala, they experienced about different varieties of cows. They apprehended the process of making manure at biogas plant too.




Plantation for Prosperity 

October 01, 2018 


One tree serves for hundred years. So, for securing the present and future, Queens’ College organized Tree Plantation at Renuka Tekri. Student with full vigor planted around 200 saplings. They have shouldered the responsibility of making a green future.




Revisiting  Shakespeare


Class XI of Queens’ College spellbound everybody with their drama presentation on August 21, 2018. What more the rebuttal round well projected their thorough understanding of the nuances of Shakespearean plays like theme, language, character, plot and climax. XI A was declared the winner of this Inter Class Drama competition followed closely by XI B and XI F.





Self Defense Programme

September  16, 2018 


Queens’ College organized a training for self- defense for the girls. The reality based self-defense techniques KAPAP & KRAVMAGA were taught. In these techniques, they learned to use “Weapons of Opportunity” where they were trained to use everyday objects as weapons.


Enriching Roots  : Spic Macay Program

August  28,2018 

“A man’s roots lie in his culture.”

With this motto, Queens’ College organized the dance performance under the aegis of SPIC MACAY. Ustad Bismillah Khan award winner Ms. Purva Dhanashree along with distinguished artists Sir Renuka Prasad, Ms. Shweta Prasad, Sir Sreedhana Chaiya, Sir Sai Kolanka under the aegis of SPIC MACAY performed Vilasini Natyam dance form. Programme was aimed at increasing awareness about different aspects of Indian Heritage.


Inter House Dance Competition 

August  9, 2018


Dance is powerful mode of expression. An inter-house dance competition was held on August 9, 2018. The students performed classical as well as folk dances. In classical dance Ahilya and Ganga House bagged first position. In folk dance Laxmi house stood first.

Congratulations for scintillating performances!




Inter House Mime Competition  

August  4, 2018


“Silence says it all”.

A very impressive and scintillating performance in the form of Mime was presented by the students of four houses from classes VI to XII. Theme of the Mime was “Defense Women’s Life: Yes we can make a change”. It depicted women empowerment and her dignity in defense. The winner of the event was Ganga House. The second position was bagged by Devi House.




Poetic Musing

June 28, 2018


The Queens' of VI- VIII were at their elegant best dazzling all and sundry with excellent presentation  in Inter -House Poetry recitation competition held in the school  The crown of the winner went to the Ganga house .




July 5, 2018


Inter-house Maths Quiz was indeed Learn by Fun in practice as it translated complication of Maths into simple  renderings   . It was the participants of Devi house who  proved their Maths skills and got the coveted   first position.