Alumni Talks

Motivational Talk by Alumna



Ms. Srivasudeva, the ex-queen (Class of 2001-2002) addressed the morning assembly by motivating students to focus on perseverance and patience to achieve the pinnacle of success.


She urged children to be regular to school as she believed that Queens' College was the tool that helped her prepare for life, increased her social skills and sustained her in all odds of life.


She also acquainted children with the admission procedure followed and the winning strategies to be adopted to take admission in Universities outside India.



December 19, 2018 


Alumni reflects a school's endeavours.


Ms. Mahima Gulwani, the ex-queen (Class of 2017-2018) is pursuing her Business Management from Greenwich, London, interacted with the students showcasing the key factors to open the doors of foreign universities. She emphasized on proficiency in language, academic record as well as focused on the efforts for getting admission in top universities.




Sharing Increases Knowledge 

September  11, 2018 


Ms. Urvi Holkar, the ex queen ( Class of 2016-17)  is studying International Management (APM) in Ritsumeikan Asia Pecific University, Japan interacted with the students in the Assembly. She focused on the fact that if one has dreams, no hurdle can stop the person and persistent efforts can only pave the way to success. She also satisfied the queries of students.