ISA Activity : The World Celebrates With Us (Festivals Around the World )   

Date: December 07, 2018 to December 15, 2018


The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals. They promote diversity, bring neighbors into dialogue, increases creativity and offer opportunities for civic pride. The students of grade II and III enthusiastically participated in ISA activity, “The World Celebrates With Us” where they learnt about the festivals of six different countries around the world which are India, Sri Lanka, U.S.A., Brazil, Pakistan and Portugal which gave information about various festivals celebrated in these countries along with the type of clothes they wear their religious symbols, places of worship, special delicacies and traditions. Students also showcased their understanding of what they have learnt so far about the festivals in their scrap book.

Besides these activities there was also a Group discussion among the students where they shared and gathered important information related to the differences and similarities between the festivals celebrated around the globe.


Trip  of NSLI-S Students to Mandu and  Traditional Dinner by ITC

( August-5 & 6, 2018 )


The NSL-S Summer Students Visited Mandu & Maheshwar  on 5 & 6 Augusst , 2018.  Enroute to Mandu the children enjoyed  Echo Point , visited Jahaj Mahal and Sunset Point. The next day students went to Maheshwar enjoying the Narmada River ride on a boat , visited the Rewa  Saree Centre, saw the temple and Devi Ahilya Bai’s Palace.

The students in traditional attire attended the welcome dinner at ITC on August 8, 2018 and introduced themselves in hindi and sang  “Sare Jahan Se Achha “  to a  mesmerizing  audience.



Visit  of NSLI-S Students to Jimmy Mc. Gilligan Center for Sustainable Living

( August-4, 2018 )


Queens College NSLI –S Programme  Students visited the Jimmy Mc Gilligan Center and learned and experienced how to live in harmony with nature. The students on August-4,2018 visited the 2 KW Hybrid Power Station and saw Janak Palta Mam’s House  ‘ A Feature of Sustainable Development ‘. The students loved the experience and well impressed by the endeavor of Mam Janak Palta who is making sustainable and waste-less living a reality.


Traditional Dinner at Queens' Campus for AFS

( July 21,  2018)


A Traditional Dinner was hosted in Queens’ College on July 21, 2018 for NSLI-S and NSLI-Y Students.

10 students from different parts of  America are in Queens’ for Hindi Summer Learning Programme under the badge of AFS.

9 students from Shishukunj International School and 7 students from the Emeralds Hieghts International school along with their host parents attended the dinner. All 26 American Students came for the dinner decked in traditional attire . The girls in sarees and boys in kurta pajymas. The students enjoyed the traditional extravaganza of  Dal Bati.


After the dinner the students danced to the music of  hindi songs  enjoying the rest of the evening.




Queens' Hosts American Students under the NSLI-S Programme – 2018 

( July  8, 2018 )


Queens’ College is euphoric to host 10 American Students  under the aegis of NSLI-S Programme. The students are in the Queens Campus for a Hindi Learning Experience promoted by US State Department  for 6 weeks.  An experience that engenders wonders and involves cultural splendor students  get an experience of intercultural learning living with their host families.

Hindi Learning Classes are organized for the students and comfortable home stay is provided by the host families. The host parents and sisters go out of the way to make their stay in India comfortable.


AFS Regional Exchange Programme Between Queens' and Sunbeam School, Lahartara, Varanasi

(April-7,2018 to April-12,2018)


“Discover a new culture, a new language, you will make friends from all parts of the world, friends for life. A time in which you’ll grow up and know yourself as a person, you’ll change completely in the best way possible, you’ll learn things about yourself that you didn’t know before, your limits and capabilities”.


Catering to this motto in mind an AfS  student  exchange took place with Sunbeam school ,Lahartara ,Varanasi and 9 Students and 1 Escort teacher Miss Vartika Puri were a part of the exchange with QUEENS.The Students arrived   on 7th April met the Principal Mrs. Renu Gurnani in her office .They were conferred a traditional welcome of garland and tikka. Evening- an interactive session on Indore with Mrs. Deepika Goel .


8th April morning –English class, Evening –a traditional extravaganza to Nakharali Dhani intermingling with Queens residential Campus students.


9th April  –Attended school with the morning assembly, enrolled themselves in art classes learning madhubani art and in craft work make a  3rd d face of MAA durga. In the afternoon indulged in sports and hostel coaching and in the evening enjoyed at Sarafa indulging inmouth watering savories enjoying local flavors of the famous dahi wada,Jalebi with QRC students.


10th April- they attended school for 2 hrs then visiting Iskon temple and Mahakal,Ujjain.


11th April -After attending school the Sunbeam students left on a city tour visiting rajbada,lal bag palace ,Annapurna mandir and then in the evening engaged in a cultural night and a traditional dinner thereafter.

12th April had a fruitful meeting with the management the students went to C21 mall and chappan and late in the evening departed to Varanasi.


The students not only got to learn a different culture but also got a chance to study in school know about the school culture.


  ___       ___


" Cherised Moments " – Sunbeam Lahartara , Varanasi 


These photos are a gateway to our memories;
they’re the only remnants of things we no longer see:
The twinkling stars at the peak of twilight’
The days we spent together and laughed our hearts out loud.


  ___       ___


Reminding us, talking and interacting and the list remains endless; from class rooms to dormitories, the night out at Sarafa or enjoying at Nakharali Dhani, the history of Indore to the magnificent Lal Bagh Palace, loved the outings and dancing under the stars,the learning of 3’d art and Madhubani like never before.Thank you dear Queens for the memory of a lifetime,
We shall forever remember you, and these moments shall be embedded in our hearts.

Queens College Indore gave us a lot of memories to be cherished forever. We were welcomed by the Principal Mrs.Renu Gurnani, indulged in a tour of the whole school. Our Visit to the cultural hubs of Indore are worth remembering like Nakharali Dhani, LalBagh, Kanch Mandir, Khajrana. Indore echoes the same spiritual fervor like Varanasi. Most importantly the cultural night which was held in our honor and the traditional dinner was sumptuous. Thank you Queens it was indeed heartwarming.

-Shweta Jaiswal.


What I loved about the student AFS exchange with Queens’ College:

• Visiting school with seniors
• Making new friends
• Visit to Mahakal and Indorama Mandir
• Everyones hospitality
• Sarafa and LalBagh experience

QueensCollegeIndore was indeed hospitable, such warmth and love made us so comfortable every outing was planned perfectly we return to Varanasi as more confident individual with so many friends for life.





16 Students of BA Education and two teachers from Denmark visited Queens’ College to understand the teaching style and method of Indian Education System. They exhibit their interest in English, Math, Science, Social Science and Art & Craft.

The Denmark team was in Indore for 14 days educational tour to understand the teaching pedagogy as they wish to pursue their career in teaching.

They were introduced to the different teaching methodology of our school and undivided support and guidance was imparted. Art and Craft activity was planned in the junior auditorium with the help of Mrs. Chhaya Shinde and Mr. Anil Panwar. Few students attended English, Math, Science and  Social Science Classes. The English Class was taken by Mrs. Ankita Mittal and students received an enriching experience in Math by Mr. Harshal Supekar & Mrs. Sangeeta Upadhyay. Science and Social Science Classes were respectively taken by Ms. Harsha Punjabi and Ms. Shweta Soni.

Previously they have visited Daly College, Shri Ram Cenntinal School and Indus World School where they interacted with the teachers.  The delegation was gratified and thankful to the institution for the reinforced experientia.


       ___   ___    



Volunteers from AFS  Hungary Visit Queens' College  (October 7,2017)


Under the agies of the AFS banner Hungary volunteer programme took place in Queens’ College Indore. Thirteen volunteers had come from Hungary and Queens’ College hosted it. Ms.Karac, Sonyne, Katalin,Hajdu from  Budapest with the aim of exposure and experience of Indian Culture for a short duration of time to develop mutual understanding.

Ms.Katalin was living with a host family visiting different schools of Indore with her team members. Queens’ had organized a traditional extravaganza involving the volunteers in Indian painting art Mandana,Indian dance and a traditional lunch. They also visited places like Sarafa,Apollo tower, C21 mall etc.

The AFS volunteers were elated and said that “This experience gave them a better perspective of the Indian culture, habits,norms and the Indian way of living”.


  ___       ___  


Inter State Exchange Program to Sunbeam Lahartara, Varansi   (December  7,2017 to December 17,2017 )


10 girls of Queens’ College , Indore along with the hostel warden Ma’am Shweta Martin started their 23 hour train journey from Indore to Varanasi on  December 7,2017.

The students were received by the school Principal and were given a heart – warming welcome . Then they had a meeting with the Principal and discussed about their itinerary for the following days. They went to  some nearby temples and walked through the city on same day. Students visited different places like Sarnath , museum and also the famous Kashivishvanath Temple during their stay. They also tasted different cuisines and enjoyed traditional food on the streets of Varanasi. The taste of  Paan is still fresh in their memory.

It was a very joyful and great experience . They learnt many good things and met new people and learnt about them and the life of Varanasi. Looking forward to more such experiences.



  ___       ___  


Experience of the student who participated in  Varanasi Exchange Program. Under the aegis of AFS


I have always wanted to be an exchange student my whole high school life . I read about Intercultural exchange program and pretty soon I was selected. I was so excited and happy, researched about Varanasi in books and internet and was soon packing for the journey to begin.

AFS gave me this great opportunity to explore this beautiful land of temples and ghats . My journey commenced in December , 2017 with lots excitement , hope and happiness.

We were welcomed with open arms at sunbeam School. We had  interactive sessions with the Dean , the Principal , the coordinators and the council members . We visited different universities the  Sanskrit university , Banaras Hindu University . I was fascinated by the Artifacts preserved in the beautifully museums.

My favorite was going to the local ares of Banaras . I was mesmerized to see the culture and heritage of Banaras which lies in the narrow streets , food stalls and temples. I can never forget the most astonishing and ravishing part of my exchange.

Subah – e – Banaras . I could never imagine early morning to be so good. Sunbeam  School, Varanasi,  Laharatara  treated me and my friend like other own student in another part of the country. Every one was warm open and never hesitant to help.

It was the best time of my life and I will always remember how choosing to go out and discover What the my own country has in store for me was life changing and will be something I will always cherish.

Thank you AFS and QUEENS’ COLLEGE for giving this wonderful opportunity .


Exchange Student.

Urvashi Lalwani.


Regional Exchange Program between Queens’ College and RKKS , Jodhpur   

16th  December to 24th December, 2015                   


The first exchange of Regional Exchange Program was conducted from Dec 13 to 21, 2015 between Queens’ College, Indore and Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls ‘ Public School , Jodhpur. 10 girls along with a teacher from RKKS Jodhpur visited Queens’ College from Dec.16 to Dec 24 , 2015  and in the  same way 10 girls along with Ms. Shweta Jain from Queens’ College, Indore visited RKKS, Jodhpur from Dec 13 to 21 , 2015.

The students from RKKS , Jodhpur started the exchange with academic classes on the first two days followed by participating in various activities like playing games, learning dances. They were also part of the annual sports day of the school. They visited many places like Ujjain , Janapav , Sarafa , Nakhralidhani . They were welcomed with  carol singing and traditional dinner .

The exchange gave the opportunity to the participating schools to share the heritage and values of  Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.


An Educational Tour to NASA  ( October-7 to October-17,2015 )


An education at tour to NASA (KSC, Orlando, Boston, Niagara & New York) was organized by Queens' College from October 7 to October 17, 2015. 16 students along with a teacher visited USA. The objective of the tour was to offer new and exciting learning modules to students who dream of going higher & higher. Special attraction was visiting the Kennedy Space Center, Astronaut Hall of Fame followed by Astronaut briefing & interactive session. Students experienced full scale space shuttle mission simulation and shuttle launch experience. Islands of Adventure and Disney Magic Kingdom Park at Orlando mesmerized the Queens. The Maid of the Mist Boat ride to Niagara falls was an enchanting experience.

An open session for students was conducted at MIT Campus & Harvard University. It was an inspirational session that motivated the students. The last leg of the tour was at New York which included Visit to Empire State Building, Madame Tussands, Broadway 101 Workshop, Statue of Liberty and New York Times Square. Students came back with treasure of knowledge & memories that will remain with them throughout their lives. Special thanks to the Management of Queens' College for arranging such a wonderful educational tour.


  ___       ___  


Queens Visited DUBAI for an Educational Trip  ( January-22 to January-28,2014 )


Students of Queens’ College along with four teachers and Principal Mrs. GeethaSomashekharan visited Dubai during the shopping festival for an educational trip from January 22 to January 28, 2014. It was one of the best ways to explore both historic and glittering site of Dubai that is often referred to as Middle East’s ‘gem’. Starting from Dubai creek, the students visited Dubai Museum, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai gold souk, Atlantis hotel, Mall of Emirates, BurjKhalifa –the towering building that is one of its kind in the whole world, Dhow Cruise and visit to Desert Safari were moments filled with high jinks. Equally note worthy was Dubai scenic attractions and a visit to Jumeirah beach.

Abu Dhabi- the capital of UAE was astounding and expansive white structure-Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque was beautiful with exquisite architecture. The drive was amazing with skyscrapers lined on its either side. The stupendous Emirates Palace, mind blowing corniche and visit to Ferrari World were blithesome moments. Students enjoyed a ride in the fastest roller coaster of the world in Ferrari World.

It was an unforgettable trip. Everyone enjoyed a lot of shopping because of the festival time, fine dining and a very comfortable stay at Smana Al Raffah hotel. The students and teachers thanked the Management for organizing such a wonderful tour which was full of merriment and learning experiences.


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